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Proceedings from the ICERP 2016
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Frontmatter -- Contents -- Preface -- Committees -- Keynote Speech I. Environmental Estrogenic Pollution and Public Health / Zuo, Yuegang -- Keynote Speech II. Development of Advanced Oxide Nano-materials for Environmental Catalysis Applications / Boo, Jin-Hyo -- Water Resource Sustainable Utilization Evaluation. Index System in Jiangsu Coast Reclamation Region / Ren, Li / Xiang, Xinyi / Liu, Weilin -- Study on the TD-GC-MS to Detect HD in Exhaust Gas / Gao, Shi / Zuom, Guomin / Chen, Junxiang / Zhou, Jianmei / Liu, Jiwei -- Study on the Regeneration of Waste Lubricating Oil by Porous Nano Adsorption / Wang, Shixian / Lu, Xia -- The Determination and Application of Characteristic Parameter for Spilled Oil Vertical Concentration Distribution Formula / Chen, B. / Han, L.X. / Yuan, L.l. -- Contamination Status and Potential Ecological Risks of Heavy Metal in Sediments from the Qiantang River / Ding, Tao / Guo, Zhenni / Ying, Chengxi -- Influence of Atmosphere Environment on Aircraft Heat Exchanger Fouling Growth Characteristics / Su, Jingxin / Wang, Zhiping / Wang, Tianjing / Ji, Aizhen / Hou, Liguo / Guo, Xiaomei -- The Effect of Meteorological Factors on the Water-pollution Accident Risk Prediction of River-road Intersection by Using Binary Logistic Regression Model / He, Huaxiang / Deng, Xiaoya / Zhou, Xiangnan / Ma, Zhenzhen / Xie, Xinmin -- Climate Change and Water Resources Management: An Integrated Assessment of Temporal Change in Population and Extreme Precipitation / Sherrer, Gabrielle E. / Dhakal, Nirajan -- Valuation of Health Benefit from the Air Quality Improvement in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and Surrounding Areas in 2020 / Chen, Danni / Jia, Yuhuan / Guo, Xiurui / Cheng, Shuiyuan -- Enhancement Cationic Dyes Adsorption of Sewage Sludge-based Bio-chars from Solutions by Thermal-alkaline Pretreatment / Zhai, Shimin / Guo, Xuesong / Liu, Rongzhan / Xiao, Benyi -- Strategies of Functional Foods for Heart Disease Prevention in Human Beings / Zeng, Yawen / Pu, Xiaoying / Yang, Xiaomeng / Yang, Jiazhen / Du, Juan / Yang, Tao / Li, Xia -- Determination of Glyphosate Residue in Genetically Modified Soybean by Protein Precipitator Clean-up and HPLC with OPA Post-column Derivatization / Wang, F.X. / Pan, F. / Zhang, S. / Liu, C.M. / Li, R.Y. / Liang, J.W. / Wan, Y. / Fu, G.M. -- Preliminary Study on Biological Effects of MiR-702-3p in Epithelial-mesenchymal Transition Induced by Nano-SiO2 Particles / Li, Mingyue / Yang, Hong -- Characteristics of Microbial Activities and Soil Nutrients in Soil Profiles of Tibet Alpine Wetlands / Zhang, Jing -- The Expression Change of GFAP and HMGB1 in Primary Cultured Astrocytes Exposed to Chlorpyrifos and Lipopolysaccharide / Wang, Peipei / Zhao, Lingling -- Optimization of Shelf Life of Fresh/Chilled Chicken Using Response Surface Method / Cao, Hong / Zhang, Yuansong / Zai, Jianqing / Lai, Honggang / Jiang, Yunsheng / Xiao, Huan / Han, Yan -- A Method to Evaluate the Energy Consumption, Emission and Cost in China Grain Drying Industry Based on LEAP / Zhao, Na / Zhou, Xiaoguang / Zhou, Huiling / Liu, Xiangdong -- Isolation of Candida Pseudolambica and Characterization of Its Hydrogen Production / Wang, Haiyan / Zhang, Lei / Cheng, Shuiyuan / Feng, Fan / Liu, Wei -- Cancer Trends Predication Based on an Intelligent Method / Yang, Rongjuan / Wu, Chuxue / Ge, Yuhui / Fang, Cheng / Yang, Decai -- Effect of Lead on Reproductive System and Levels of Reproductive Hormones in SD Rats' Gestation Period / Wei, Shen / Juan, Chen -- Retraction

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